Fitness Classes in Columbus, Indiana

What Members Are Saying...

"I have already lost 5 pounds since I started!!!" Amber

"I love the class and really enjoy kickboxing.  I think that I have more energy because I am doing your class two days a week.  I have loved meeting new people and learning new things.  You made me feel comfortable and welcome. You make kickboxing very easy to learn because of how you break it down into simple steps.  You always teach the modified also which is a plus. I look forward to class each week and I am motivated to make it to class each week because you make it fun and exciting."

Thanks! Kim Smith

"I love the class. It is the first class I have ever taken, and it gets me motivated to do more! It is a great break from the ordinary. I feel more energized since going to the class." Nikki Bozart

"I LOVE THE KICK BOXING CLASS. You are a very good teacher. You take the time to teach every step and you are very outgoing and you are good at what you do. I started the class back in November and I actually was noticing that I was starting to change sizes in my clothes. I can't wait to go to another class." Brandi Fear

"I have not been coming long and I have had to miss a few classes lately, but I love the classes. You are a great teacher and I like that you are patient with us new people and I hope to be as good as you someday. See you tomorrow!!! Thanks," Susie Mauer

"I have just recently joined the kickboxing class that has been offered and I feel inclined to say that even though they have no been easy, I am having a great time. I am typically tired after the class and wonder sometimes if I am going to make it through, but Rita has a way of motivating me to do better. Rita explains the moves very clearly, goes through them in slow motion, and then when you have the concept grasped a few minutes later, moves you into a sped up from. I am doing things now that I didn't think were possible and I know that it has a lot to do with Rita's personality and motivational skills. I am almost 43, out-of-shape (but not for long), and have not had a program that I have been able to stick with, but I am enjoying Rita's class and look forward to going." Donna Taylor 

"I wanted to thank you for offering the kickboxing classes.  I love them!  I feel so much better when I come to class - even on the rare days I think I really don't want to come, I make myself come and at the end I'm always glad I came!  :)  I feel stronger when I come to class and have more energy!  I haven't been able to come for 3 times now because of commitments with my kids and I am so bummed!  I look forward to coming!  Thankfully tonight is the last conflict so I'll be back on Monday!  Thanks again!" Jennifer Justis

"My husband and I have been attending Rita's kickboxing class for a little over a month.  We thoroughly enjoy the workout as Rita gives a lot of helpful hints and tips to customize the workout to each person's abilities and strengths.  She offers a very good balance in the routines in terms of getting our brains and our bodies involved in the exercise.  Rita teaches new routines and combinations regularly and also utilizes tried and true combos to keep our bodies moving.  She also does an excellent job of reminding us of what proper form looks like so that we get the most out of our time spent.

Rita is very personable and easy to get along with.  She's concerned for the success of the students and continuously asks for feedback from the class as to what we feel is working and what we like.

Finally, after one month, I can say that I feel my body is getting stronger and healthier and that's the whole point!" Kelly (Fonner) Basham

"Rita, you are AWESOME! I really enjoy the classes. Tonight (bootcamp) was great but challenging." Peggy Grider

"Rita... It was FANTASTIC. Thank you so much for always having such great classes!! You rock!!! I had a blast having Allen (Smith from Biggest Loser) as our instructor!" Brenda Renner

"Thank you for your inspiration to exercise. I really enjoy your classes!" Holly Ward


"Rita, In case you don't hear it enough I think you are amazing! Your energy levels blow my mind! Hahah. I really appreciate everything you do to get us in shape! I know your job is tough but I know you will find other dedicated people who will love you and your classes as much as I. I'm excited to be part of it." Amanda Burton

"It was a very good workout Rita :)  It was a butt-kicking for me, and boy can feel it!!" Colleen Hughes


"Rita, I am having so much fun in your class. You are a great instructor! :) " Melissa Reynolds

"Rita, I will not be coming to class anymore; my family and I are moving to Florida at the end of the year.  Thanks so much for the fun times; I am definitely going to keep up with cardio kickboxing classes.  Your classes were the most fun I've ever had exercising!" Kara Steele

"Thank you for being such an awesome person. God did give you a special gift and you use it to reach out to people in many special ways. There are not very many Rita’s out there in the world. And if we had more people like you, I believe the world would be a better place. Thank you, See you Thursday! " Stephanie Vincent